The GTI Team


Jon Dumas

Greg Raleigh

Greg Raleigh

Commercial Manager

Jon Dumas has been in the custom engineered parts industry since 1996. He got his start in the infancy of stereolithography and found his passion of working with product development engineers and in new product development, especially with new technologies.

Jon was a business development manager for a CNC machine shop focusing on aerospace/defense CNC machining and electro-mechanical assembly.  It is here that he came across Thixomolding while trying to help a customer reduce part cost and where he met Greg Raleigh – and his interest in part weight reduction started.

In 2004, Jon created GTI Manufacturing to specialize in part sourcing, new process technologies, and supply chain management services for military, defense, automotive, and consumer products OEMs.

Jon lives in Houston, TX with his wife, 2 children, and 2 dogs.


Greg Raleigh

Greg Raleigh

Greg Raleigh

Technical Manager

Greg Raleigh started his manufacturing career many years ago graduating from the GM Technical University. From their his career allowed him to work in all functions within a manufacturing business and he has a unique insight to each program and company that is an invaluable asset.

Greg is also a world-class manufacturing engineer and one of the top magnesium manufacturing engineers on the planet.  Aside from magnesium, Greg has a wide range of experience in Thixomolding, die casting, and machining.

Greg lives in Halifax, NS with his wife and 2 dogs and enjoys the Canadian lifestyle.