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Supplying high quality, low cost parts is our passion

Many companies struggle putting together continuous and trusted supply chains that follow a program from product inception to end-of-life.  This lack of continuity creates communication errors between internal resources and suppliers costing time and money.  We see this most often when transferring from pre-production to production.

GTI has over 60 years of industry experience where we have seen - and lived - this problem first hand.  We work hard to provide commercial and military OEMs comprehensive support from design to prototyping to pre-production to production.  Our vast industry knowledge and supplier relationships allows us to communicate with our customers and suppliers to make this transition seamless and cost-effective.   

In time we have developed an extensive global supply chain to meet the technical, legal, logistical, and financial needs of any customer.  We can help any sized customer from a few prototypes to small-run production to extremely high-run production.

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What makes is truly unique is our vast experience with Magnesium manufacturing (Thixomolding, Die Casting, and CNC Machining) for a broad customer base.

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Global industry is under more pressure than ever to to reduce product weight more than ever before.  Most engineers rely on plastic or aluminum for their manufacturing needs – but have you considered MAGNESIUM?

GTI's supply chain consultants help you with Thixomolding, Die Casting, or Machining.

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Puerto Rico


Everyone talks about low-cost manufacturing in China but times they are changing and you have options.  

Puerto Rico offers a balance of low cost and ease of doing business that is getting many people to look into it.

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Die Casting


GTI has developed a global supplier network of die casting and thixomolding foundries that includes aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die casting with manufacturing up to 1,600 tons and vast secondary operation capabilities.

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CNC Machining


Our global machine shops have capabilities from 3 to 9 axis machining, prototype to high-run production.  

We have you covered regardless of your manufacturing or business needs.

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Design for Manufacturing


Our supply chain consultants offer design-for-manufacturing services provide optimized part design, robust tooling, and process expertise to increase yields and minimize costs.

GTI will provide you with a comprehensive design review that will define specific design changes for parts and tools.

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Printed Circuit Boards


Our supply chain offers raw and populated printed circuit boards with a focus on speciality boards often found in military and aerospace applications.

We focus on jobs requiring US manufacture and specialize in boards in tough applications:

  • High Temperature
  • High Reliability
  • Rigid, Rigid-Flex, and Flex

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Greg Raleigh

Technical Manager

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Jon Dumas

Commercial Manager

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